Cheer FAQs

Q: What age does my daughter have to be to participate in Jr. Cheer?
A: CPCJC is open to girls in grades 1st though 8th. We do exceptions for some 9th grade girls, please email us if you think you may fall under these exceptions.

Q:  Does my child need to attend Cedar Park to participate?
A:  No.  This program is open to all girls in the community with an interest in cheerleading.

Q:  Does my daughter have to be a Christian to participate in CPCJC?
A:  No. But please be aware we are a distinctly Christian program.  Christ is in all aspects of our practices and games. Our goal is to be ambassadors for Christ, His church and His people.

Q:  I’m not sure that cheer will be her thing, but I am thinking about registering my daughter to try it out. What would you recommend?
A:  We would highly caution you beforehand.  Unlike recreational gymnastics or ballet; Jr. Cheer is an extremely structured program with an intense, mandatory practice and game schedule similar to select sports like softball or soccer.

If your daughter simply wants to “try” cheerleading, I would recommend a cheer camp first.  There are numerous camps around the community.  Cedar Park offers a couple throughout the year and even has summer camps available through Cedar Springs.

Q:  Will my daughter be cheering with and for kids her own age?
A:  Yes, we do combine similar aged kids to form a squad. Currently our goal is to expand the squads and eventually grow to have a squad per football team.  We will update you in late June as to which squad your daughter will be on. Each squad is assigned to cheer for football players within similar ages and grades.

Q:  I have a son playing football.  Will my daughter be cheering for his team?
A:  There is a possibility she will cheer for him but I would not count on this for each weekend.  Our schedules depend on field location and times as well as the age of the boys playing.

Q:  When do practices begin?
A:  Practices begin in early to mid August. Please check our website for specific dates.

Q:  I’ve heard the practice schedule is rather demanding.  What does it entail?
A:  Cheer is a BIG time commitment! Beginning in August mandatory practices are M-Th from 6-8p.  After Labor Day, practice will shift to Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8p. Note: If your child has missed practices this will effect her cheering for the games.

Q:  How long does the season run?
A:  The 13 week season runs from early August through Mid November.

Q:  When are the games?
A:  We cheer on ALL SATURDAYS. All regular season games are on Saturdays.  Each Squad will typically cheer for two games per weekend.  We will not have the game schedule until the season is underway.  The league is constantly having to rearrange games due to field availability, wins and loses.  The coaches will distribute the schedule as soon as we receive it. But please be aware sometimes we have weeks warning and sometimes we have days.

Q:  Will the girls have the opportunity to compete?
A:  No, CPC Junior Cheer is not a competitive squad.  However, we will do a cheer exhibition in November that is set up very similar to a competition without being officially judged.  This gives the girls a little preview of cheer competitions without the pressure.  This is especially helpful for our older girls that have goals to join a high school squad.

Q:  I don’t have any cheer experience but I typically make myself available to participate in my daughters activities.  Do you have a role for me in this program?
A:  YES!  We have numerous areas for you to serve.  This program is built solely on volunteers.  We need head coaches, assistant coaches, team moms, help with the spirit wear and concessions.

Q:  I have already registered my daughter for another fall sport.  Can my daughter still participate in cheer?
A:  Unfortunately this does not work well.  We have attempted to accommodate this in the past.  Parents and children end up torn between obligations, missing or late to practices and games, and overall stressed out.  All sports require your full dedication.  Cheerleading specifically requires formations for routines and stunting.  These can not be altered easily and become a physical risk to all involved.  We ask if you register for cheer, you dedicate yourself exclusively to this sport for the duration of the season.

Q:  What will my daughter wear?
A:  We provide traditional and classically styled cheer uniforms.  This consists of a skirt with briefs, a shell with long sleeved liners, uniformed shoes, bows and Jackets. They will also have the opportunity to purchase spirit shirts and shorts to wear for practices and “Jersey Fridays”

You can also find us on Facebook at Cedar Park Christian Junior football and Cheer
If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to email our
Cheer Director, BJ Boyle at


Please review Cheer Page and Cheer Code of Conduct (to be signed and turned in at first practice)







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