New Coaches

Chris Shimmin has been helping to lead CPCJF since 2011 and is in charge of all matters related to coaching.  Chris can be reached at



  • Submit Application (see below)
  • Complete USAFootball Training
  • View Child Protection Video
  • Attend CPCJF Coach Training at CPCS
  • Attend One-Day NJFL Credentialing
  • Adhere to the CPCJF Coach Code of Conduct
    (see application)

Coaching Application (new coaches only)


  1. Save the application form to a location on your computer (before filling out) naming the file in this file format: Last.First.pdf
  2. Complete the fillable pdf form and re-save
  3. Upload application via link below.
  4. Upload head shot (or email head shot as attachment to  This is simple photo for internal ID, will not be published



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