We provide high quality uniforms and some of the best helmets available.   Uniform distribution days will be announced.

What We Provide:

Xenith Helmet
Guardian Cap
Shoulder Pads
Game Jersey
Game Pants
Practice Jersey
Practice Pants
Game Socks
Knee Pads

What You Provide:


Girdle ($35) we sell at our Spiritwear booth at August camp and at first week of practice. Some parents like to have two of these for convenience. These come with integrated pads.

Personal Safety Cup  Approximately $10

Mouth Guard – We recommend Shock Doctor but you don’t have to pay!  Our sponsor, Michelle Fogg Neal, Orthodontist, supplies these free to CPCJF boys who stop by her office in July/August.  You will be notified when available.

BLACK Cleats – We have a donation box with lots of lightly used cleats (boys grow out them so fast).  You can check our supply on uniform distribution day.  Cleats to purchase are general purpose for grass and artificial turf.  No screw on cleats or metal cleats are allowed.  If you have extra cleats please bring to donate.  If you are buying new cleats, please only buy black.

Under Shirt with Integrated Pads – Not necessary!  Less than half the kids wear these, many don’t like them.

Febreze:  You will want a bottle of this handy to spray down those stinky shoulder pads!

Big Water Bottle:  This always comes to practice

Navy Blue Long Sleeve Under Armor Shirt – We sell these at our Spiritwear booth and they are not needed until late in season.  Only nave blue is allowed on game day.  Only navy blue is allowed on game day (yep, repeated on purpose).

Gear Bag:  Optional but handy.  We also sell these at our Spiritwear booth.











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