Football FAQs

Q:        We don’t go to either Cedar Park School or Cedar Park Church; can my son play on a team?

A:         Our junior football program is open to the public and we welcome anyone who would love to compete in the game of football in a Christ centered environment. Out of all the boys who play for CPCJF 45% are students at the school, 20% are kids from homeschool programs, and 35% attend other schools.

Q:        I want my son to play in a “Christian” environment what does that mean?

A:         At CPCJF we have a very unique opportunity to coach the game of football in a Distinctly Chritian environment. It is our Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide a Christ-centered youth football and cheer program that glorifies God by developing athletes who demonstrate knowledge, skills, teamwork, character and a strong desire for excellence. We take this very seriously including but not limited to opening and closing practices in prayer, the last 10 minutes of every practice is a devotional that is centered around sports and many of the topics the boys need to learn in order for them to establish a firm foundation in Christ. You can find out more about our mission on our About Us page on the website.

Q:        I have two sons that are 11 and 12, are they able to play on the same team?

A:         The league is age and weight dependent. The scale can be found on our website at towards thebottof of the home page. It all depends on the combination of their age and weight during jamboree at the end of August. The league does not allow players to play up or down a level for many reasons, the most important being player safety.

Q:        We would love to sign our son up for football but we have a family vacation planned in August. Will this prevent him from being able to play?

A:         We understand that vacations get scheduled during the summer, especially for families who are new to football. Our coaches are trained and will make sure that when your son returns he receives enough practice time to make sure he is up to the speed of the rest of his team before he is put onto the field in a game. Safety is very important and the coaches will work to get him back up to the level of the rest of the team as quickly as possible.

Q:        I would really like to find some training for my son to get ready for the season, where can I find more information about that?

A:         There are many opportunities for individual or group training during the off season, most on the CPC field. The HS head coach, Bill Marsh has multiple camps during the spring and summer as well as a personal trainer who trains in both strength and speed all year long and is doing a specialized football conditioning during the month of July right on the CPC field. More information about these and other camps/clinics can be found on our website,

Q:        I have been hearing a lot in the news about concussions and the safety of football, is it really safe for my son to play football?

A:         CPCJF is committed to sparing no expense in equipment and training when it comes to the safety of the boys. All of our son’s play in the program and their safety is our #1 concern. We teach proper techniques in everything we do to protect and keep the head out of the areas of impact. CPCJF has very strict guidelines when a concussion is suspected to immediately remove the player from activities and once cleared medically a very slow introduction back to play. We invest in the #1 safety rated helmets, the Xenith X2 and X2E for every player. We also made a large investment in Guardian Caps which are worn during every practice at both the youth and HS level. CPC is the first school on the west coast to have a program wearing the Guardian Caps from K-12. More information and links about concussion safety can be found on our website.

Q:        I have two sons who want to play, but they will be on different teams, what do I do about practices and games?

A:         All of the teams practice on the same days, times and location (see website for detailed information at This makes it easy for families who have multiple boys playing on different teams to all be in one place. All home games will also be in one location, so the worst case is there would only be 4 Saturday’s that would be in different locations for away games, but most often different age levels play at different times, so there is only a small chance that you would not be able to see both of your son’s games.

Q:        Practice is every day in August and 3 days a week during school, that is a huge time commitment, why so much practice time?

A:         Football is a very physical sport and requires a lot of training in order for your son to be able to play this sport safely. Every amount of practice time that is scheduled is very important in order for your son to be physically capable of playing in a game. Our coaches are very well trained to make the most out of every practice to put your son in the safest and most prepared position possible for his success on the field.

Q:        I would love to help coach on my son’s team; do I just show up the first day of practice to help out?

A:         We would love to have you join our coaching staff; the time spent with your son on the football field is in invaluable experience the both of you will remember for the rest of your lives. At CPCJF we do a lot of work in the off season to prepare you to be able to coach youth football effectively and safely. Coaches meetings start in March and include many on hands and chalk talk meetings with the CPC HS football coaching staff. There is also safety training, concussion training and tackle certification that is done during the off season to get you ready for coaching this upcoming season.

Q:        What equipment does my son need to play football?

A:         At CPCJF we provide the safest and highest quality equipment for the safety of your son. We provide helmets, shoulder pads, practice and game jerseys, practice and game pants, knee pads and game socks. You will need to purchase a mouthguard, turf cleats, integrated girdle (5 padded) and athletic cup. Optional equipment to purchase would include a rib protector, football gloves or helmet visors (must be clear).

Q:        I can’t coach because my work schedule doesn’t allow me that time to commit to coaching, is there anywhere else I could help?

A:         There are virtually unlimited possibilities to volunteer, from being a team parent to game day field help. We have several family days during the season when many volunteers are needed to serve food, clean up, etc. All you need to do is mark on your registration where you would like to help out, or send an email to any of the contacts on our website.

Q:        What Size Footballs do you use?

A:         Youth footballs are labeled as “Peewee”, “Junior” or “Youth” size.  CPCJF typically purchases the Nike Vapor footballs.

Level  Football Size
76ers & 89ers Pee Wee
Peewees   & Bantams Junior
Juniors  & Seniors Youth





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