Opens March 2018 for 2018 season


$30 Discount for 2nd and 3rd child.

Fee Schedule for Football:

  • $385 if registered by 5/1, $415 if registered by 6/1,$450 if registered by 7/1, $490 after 7/1.
  • 76ers:$255 if registered by 5/1, $285 if registered by 6/1, $315 if registered by 7/1, $345 after 7/1.
  • No separate jersey fee in 2017
  • $100 minimum deposit to accompany registration forms
  • If balance not paid by 7/1, then fee is post 7/1 rate.

Fee Schedule for Cheer:

  • $325 if registered by 5/1, $365 if registered by 6/1, $390 if registered by 6/15. Cheer registration closes 6/15.
  • Special rate for 6 & 7 year olds: $185 ($200 after 6/1)
  • Cheer Fee includes uniform fee in now girls keep uniform!
  • $100 minimum deposit
  • If balance not paid by 6/15 then balance is based on highest registration rate.
  • Note:  If 6 years old, child must be in 1st grade.  Applies to cheer only, not football.

Registration Instructions:

  1.  Open pdf via link below and save to a location on your computer (before completing).  Name the file in this format: ChildLast.ChildFirst.pdf
  2. Complete the fillable pdf form and resave (refer to instructions on form)
  3. Upload application (use link below)
  4. New players also upload birth certificate.  If easier, send photo to
  5.  Pay Online using Click to Pay Now button (below)

Mailing/Delivery Address:  CPCJF, 11930 Slater Ave NE, #100, Kirkland, WA  98034            (not school or church)

Pay Now-Logo-336x280

Registration FAQ:

Q:  Can I pay by Check?

A:  Yes, mail to CPCS at above address and make note on memo line:
CPCJF Reg:  Child Name

Q:  Can I pay partial payment?  

A:  Yes, you will receive an email invoice for the balance.  $100 minimum deposit.  Balance due July 1st.  Initial deposit and completed forms & birth certificate locks in registration rate.  If forms or birth cert received after fee increase date, then new rate applies.

Q:  Am I guaranteed a roster slot if I submit forms?

A:    As long as registration is open at a certain level and there is roster room on the team your child will be placed on a team.  The earlier you submit the better.  There are no tryouts.   Registrations and payment qualifies your child for a team if there is roster room.

Q:  Can I request my son to be on a friend’s team?

A:  Assuming they are at same level, please send email to and copy   We accommodate this request about 80% of the time.  If there is only one team at a certain level it is guaranteed, if there are two teams we must comply with league rules to make sure teams are balanced.










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