I can’t stop thinking about this past season, and how blessed we are to be a part of this program. My son and I have built such a tight bond through this. He has grown in his faith, and with the responsibility that he takes in everything he does. He was talking to me the other day about how leaders can be anyone on a team, whether they are a captain or a coach or just any player, it is just what they bring with them, and the trust other people have in them that makes them a leader. He was telling me that he wants to learn what it takes to be a great leader.

When I have these little conversations with him, and he says these things that are beyond his years, I know how attuned he is to the holy spirit, and I have to fight back tears of gratitude that we are part of such a godly program. God be with you all this Christmas season.

Asst Coach


 My son and I are 1st year CPCJF participants coming from 3 years of tackle football in a franchise that is a member of a different league. Our motivations for making a change were the age/weight categorization (instead of just age) and an escape from coaching politics that are (in my opinion) damaging to the kids in the program.

The age/weight categorization of CPCJF is a perfect fit and I have found none of the coaching politics that we so detested. This alone is more than enough reason for rejoicing (and we are) but it has ended up being of only minor importance compared with the other gifts we have received from this program.

I knew that in coming to CPCJF that we would be joining a Christian run football franchise and hoped for a better football experience; what I didn’t understand is just what that could mean for mine and my sons spirituality. Before the season started I offered my services as an assistant coach.  I must honestly admit the main reason was to make sure my son’s experience this year went better than previous years.

My participation has not only allowed me to see that I needn’t have worried about the character of the coaches and leadership but also to experience what I can only describe as a profound shift in my spirituality. While I accepted Christ in my heart some years ago and feel like I have grown closer to God as a result, the changes I feel since this football season started dwarf anything that has come before. I am profoundly thankful to all who have added to what I have experienced at CPC. and this is not the best…

The things that I feel most thankful for are the changes in my son. I can spontaneously say the words “Who’s Way” and he will reply “Gods Way” AND MEAN IT!! He understands why we say “God First and Football Second” and often transfers this concept to other things in his life. My son is a “Chatterer” and, since football started, God and Jesus have begun to be commonly included in our chats. He had previously occasionally asked if he could say a prayer of his own after we say the Lords prayer at bedtime but recently this seems to be much more common and his prayers often move me profoundly. Thank you very much and please pass on thanks to those others who help make the CPCJF program what it is.

 New Asst Coach 


I’m not sure who to thank, so I wanted to thank you all for selecting my son as a co-captain for the game on Saturday. I think we share the belief the game of football in many ways is so much more about life than it is about the game itself. Teamwork, character, sacrifice, discipline, etc. are really life lessons and profound lessons about the Christian life. I can’t begin to tell you how amazed my wife and I are in the development and maturation of our son in these character qualities, and we give much of the credit to the CPCJF program and the 3 years we’ve been involved.

 That said, I would say this year we are witnessing a quantum leap in his development. Something has clicked inside him…..in his approach to his relationship to Jesus Christ, in his approach to school, and in his approach to football. For instance, driven by his insistence, Saturday morning I was out throwing him the football before we left for the game. That’s never happened before! Plus, when we are driving home from practice we are having some very deep conversations about the things pertaining to God. He is reflecting deeply on the things being planted into him, and I so appreciate the spiritual seeds being sown into our young men at CPCJF.

 You are making a profound difference into the life of this young man. I never in a million years would have thought he would have ever played football. He never had really shown much interest in the sport. And I’m not really sure how far he will go with this after CPCJF. But I do know that these three years have changed him forever. Thank you for taking the time (and I know it’s a lot of time!) to sow these eternal seeds. And thank you again for honoring my son this past Saturday.

                                              Grateful Mom & Dad


“We wanted to express our gratitude to all the many individuals who have worked diligently to build the incredible football program at Cedar Park Christian. This is so much more than a football program but a vision to model and help grow our boys into men of God. This has been demonstrated by having a Chaplain as part of the program, weekly bible teaching, praying, and most importantly guiding our boys through life lessons on and off the field in a Godly manner.

Our son has had the privilege of being a part of the CPCJF team over the past two years and talks just as much about the biblical wisdom his coach has inspired within him as the football training. Without a doubt this program is impacting the lives of the next generation of men leaders within the community and church.

Thank you for hearing and acting upon God’s inspired vision for our boys!”

Kenmore Mom & Dad


“A big congratulations to this program for making safety such a huge priority. Investing in those helmet covers shows this is not just a bunch of talk but obviously you guys are serious about this. Having a “Safety Czar” further shows your commitment. How cool that the czar is an MD! Your true concern for these kids is evident in all you do. Thank you for putting my mind at ease knowing my son is in good hands.”

Kirkland Dad


“We happened upon CPCJF through a homeschooling newsletter as a trial year for junior football in general. Initially, I was very impressed with the positive atmosphere of coaching and character building devotions. However, as we started playing other teams and saw the extreme opposite on some teams, we realized how blessed we really were!! My two boys genuinely loved playing with their CPCJF teams and literally can’t wait for the next season to start!”

Homeschool Mom


“When we first learned about Cedar Park Junior Football two years ago, we weren’t sure if it would be for us. Our son was playing soccer, having some success, and had never even picked up a football before. Now, going into his 3rd season, he is flourishing! The exceptional leadership of the coaching staff, combined with a great group of young men, has contributed greatly to our son’s maturity and self-confidence. We highly recommend Cedar Park Junior Football to any family that might be considering it for their son.”



“As a long-time soccer family our eleven year old son was interested in trying football after five seasons of soccer but was afraid to give up his favorite sport. We took the plunge knowing he was still young enough to go back to soccer if he didn’t like football. Mom and Dad were apprehensive since he was on the small side, but we decided to let him try a new sport.

What a fantastic experience. The coaches made it so fun and our son learned so much. His confidence went through the roof and like nearly all of his teammates he can’t wait for the next season to begin. Our son bonded with some great new friends and we bonded with the parents like we haven’t with other sports. I appreciated that each practice and game was opened and closed in prayer. Coach Painter’s year-end video captured the season! It was a fabulous experience. Thank you coaches!”

Snohomish Mom


“I know it is not easy for most moms to let their little boys play football. But, I can tell you from personal experience with two boys who are playing for Cedar Park, having them play football in a Christian environment makes ALL the difference. I’ve seen both our sons grow as young men due to the godly mentors, character development that is taught on and off the field, and working toward a team goal which is greater than an individual pursuit. CPCJF has taught our sons life lessons, and we are so grateful to God for this positive football experience.”

Bothell Mom


“My wife and I were a little surprised when our son said he wanted to turn out for junior football. Since he had never played and is by nature fairly tentative, we wondered if he knew what he was getting himself into. Well what a difference that one year of football has made in his life! His confidence as a young man has gone through the roof. And I can’t say enough about the coaches. What an incredible culture of prayer, encouragement, and teamwork they created. The boys were always rooting for each other because they had it modeled for them in their coaches. It really was an amazing environment to observe. Even one of my co-workers who is a coach in the league couldn’t say enough good things about Cedar Park. Go Eagles!”



Dear Coach, You have been a great football coach to these boys with sharing words and guidance of the Lord. The prayers before and after practice/games has been noticed and loved by our son and us, his parents, even our guest that we have brought to the games. Our son said this team is cool because the coach talks about God and prays every time we huddle. Thank you for walking with the Lord and having our son walk along the side of you.

Happy Mom


Coach, What an awesome team to be a part of and experience great sportsmanship through God’s way! Some of these boys might not know just yet how great this football season was for them until one day when they are older and find themselves on a team that does not lift up all the players but just the successful individuals. This team not only showed the boys helping their teammates but also the opposing team players. .

So coach, feel good in the fact that you displayed a Godly football team and you were a coach that spoke God’s words to his young children! It was a fun season for our family to watch Jr. Football for the first time. Thank you for being our son’s coach.

89er Mom


Dear Coach, our sons were both very nervous about being first timers at playing football, especially our younger son. The last two days have been incredible for them! They have LOVED camp and are so excited for the season! Thanks to you and all the coaches for doing such a great job with our boys.

Relieved Mom


Dear Coach, I have to tell you, it was all I could do to at the end of season event last night to hold the tears back. Although we have only been at Cedar Park a year, we have come to love not only the school and the people, but particularly the youth football program. Thank you!!

Grateful Dad


Awesome Coach! We are rejoicing with you tonight! Our son was excited about so many of the boys giving their hearts to Jesus. Thank you for all you do and for living out such a real faith in front of our son and all the boys. You set a great example of what it means to be a strong man in the Lord, on the field and in the world. Can’t thank you enough!

Kirkland Parents



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